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Menu for Catering And Christmas

You will be happy choosing your own menu

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Colombian Buñuelos
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arroz con leche
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almond rice
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tamales colombianos
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Asado Negro Venezolano
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colombian style stuffeed roll
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flank steak roll
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spinach rice
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Well, dear customers, we want to let you know that we are already receiving special orders for Christmas. You can choose your favorite plates and please let us know how we can help to make this happen.

* Black Beef Roast/ Asado Negro Venenezolano

* Colombian Style Pudding/ Natilla Colombiana

* Venezuelan Ham Bread/ Pan de Jamon 

* Flank Steak Roll/ Sobrebarriga rellena

* Stuffed Ground Beef/ Carne Molida Rellena

* Venezuelan Hallacas

* Colombian Tamales

* Colombian style Pudding/ Natilla Colombiana

* Rice pudding/ Arroz Con Leche

* Almond Rice/ Arroz con Almendras

* Spinach Rice/ Arroz Con Espinacas

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