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Special Menu for Saturday November, 28, 2020

Mute Santandereano (Santander-Style Soup), Tripe, Pork, Beef, Cassava, Potatoes, white Corn, Carrot, Pasta, and more.....

Asado Negro Venezolano or Venezuelan Black Beef Roast This Venezuelan Asado Negro (Black Beef Roast) is tender, flavorful, and perfect every time! The Round Roast is cooked in a flavorful wine broth and sugar cane until the beef is meltingly tender and divine. It is served with spinach rice, yellow plantain, and potato salad.

(This plate is every Saturday Special)

Chuleta de Cerdo Frita (Fried Pork Chop) Served with Rice, Green salad, and Plantain chips

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