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Special Menu for Saturday October 24, 2020

Sancocho de Gallina or Colombian Chicken Stew (English version)

This is a very tasty chicken stew. Traditional in Colombian Cuisine, it is possible to make this dish with different meats like pork, beef or fish. Also It has Cassava, Green Plantain, Corn, Yam, Potatoe, and more....

Pollo Guisado (Colombian Chicken Stew) People who live or who have lived in Colombia know very well that any type of stew is welcome at any time of day and place. Stews are the type of food that we eat the most in Colombia, especially at lunch time and we always serve them with a side of white rice and avocado. Every now and then we also serve them with a side salad, but that's only to not feel bad for the amount of potatoes that it has!

The rest of the menu remains the same.

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